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H.E.C Green Plantation Day Kfardebian | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L
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H.E.C Green Plantation Day Kfardebian

23 Jul H.E.C Green Plantation Day Kfardebian

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On the occasion of H.E.C’s Golden Anniversary, marking 50 years of service and development, the company’s pioneering environment subsidiary H.E.C Green celebrated by planting 250 cedars in Kfardebian, in the forest named after H.E. President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Sleiman. This initiative, which will contribute to Lebanon’s environment and forests, is set to be the beginning of many other such initiatives in the future. The event was held in the presence of H.E.C Lebanese Minister of Environment Mohammad Rahal. Also attending the event were H.E.C employees, friends, and family who followed the planting with lunch at Kfardebian. Consistent with H.E.C’s other humanitarian initiative - such as H.E.C Heart, which was launched following the July 2006 war - H.E.C Green continues the firm’s established tradition of philanthropy, responsible citizenship, and community service.