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H.E.C Contracting | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L

H.E.C Contracting

Within its vision of regional leadership and strategic expansion, H.E.C Holding is making a landmark stride in 2006: the founding of H.E.C Contracting. Formerly the contracting arm of the Holding, H.E.C Contracting is now an independent subsidiary established to handle the construction and contracting aspects of all the Holding real estate projects in Lebanon and the region as well as the implementation of its contracting agreements. Operating under the umbrella of H.E.C Holding, H.E.C Contracting enjoys the professional know-how to manage projects from A-Z: from value engineering, excavation, and structure erection to finishing, scheduled site management reports, quality control, cost reporting, safety monitoring, and competitive pricing.

Apart from enjoying the backing and guidance of H.E.C Holding, H.E.C Contracting has a team of top-caliber engineers and architects with a proven track record. H.E.C Contracting is set to be a reference in the provision of 3D office building representation, building structure, apartment repartition and finishing, and B.O.Q. (Bill of Quantity) as well as foremen, site engineers, and professional specialized craftsmen.

Contracting builds on an impressive repertoire of premium residential projects launched in 1959, spanning Lebanon's different regions, and reflecting H.E.C 's commitment to "Creating Apartments That People Call home". Some of H.E.C 's past projects include El-Hajjar Building (Rawche, 1973), Aramis Building (Hamra, 1974), El-Hajjar Center 65 (Sioufi, Ashrafieh, 1981), Alta Vista II&III (Broummana), Bella Vista I 2451 (Ain Saade, 1988), RockHill 827 (Antelias, 2003), Antelias - 1084 (Antelias), Rockland 4105 (Mansourieh, 2007), Bella Vista II (Ain Saade), Rockland 1818 II-VII (Mansourieh), Dekwaneh 980 (Dekwaneh), RockHill II 825 (Antelias), Alta Vista II & III (Broummana), and Pine Hill 1459 (Fanar).

H.E.C current projects include La Pedra 3075 (Rabweh), Rosewood (Mansourieh), Greenville (Nabay)

Committed to maintaining its founder's legacy of honesty and tradition of trust, H.E.CContracting looks to the future with unswerving confidence and a passion for service in the field in line with the Holding's aim of Building your vision into tomorrow's reality.