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History | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L


      • First Completed Structure

        First Completed Structure

        Al-Arz Residential Building founders’ first completed structure was in 1960, a twenty-four apartment building on Sassine Street in Achrafieh. This success was followed with the construction of a building in Achrafieh (1964) facing the Azarieh Convent, another in Dora and a third in Lebanon Street.

      • Leaders in the Field

        Leaders in the Field

        New Residential Buildings

        Having become a leader in our field, we proceeded to take more projects, and therefore accumulated our successes, constructing 65 buildings and hotels in 48 years. Early 1970’s projects include the luxurious eleven-story building at Rawche-Karakas (1973), the wellknown “Aramis” in Hamra (1974), and the thirty-two apartment structure in Karakol Al-Druz (1975)

      • Change in Strategies

        Change in Strategies

        Contraction in Lebanon and Expansion in the Gulf Region

        The unfortunate Lebanese civil war events shifted our Lebanese expansion into expanding our business to the neighboring Gulf countries. Several industrial manufacturing businesses, such as Alumar aluminum factory (1976), Gulf building material company (1977) and Skyline elevators (1978) were launched as a means of remaining faithful to the same quality standards advocated back in our home country Playing our innovative role again, we at completed the first shopping center to use electrical stairs in Dubai. The tourist resort in Om-Afyoun, a building complex in Saudi Arabia, the Khazzan Street in Riyadh (1979), schools in Bisha and Hefa (1980), and the construction in Abha city are only some of our prominent achievements in the Arab Gulf region

      • Expansion to Touristic Buildings

        Expansion to Touristic Buildings

        The Atlantic and the Melcart Hotels

        Further expanded by creating the tourist buildings of the Atlantic Hotel (1968) and Melcart Hotel (1971). We were also one of the first to invest in Ramla Al-Baida, a left-out region at the time. Although at the beginning the project was perceived as a risk , the establishment of our first hotel in that region proved to be a tremendous innovative success and contributed to what has become one of the capital’s most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods.

      • Crossing to America

        Crossing to America

        Investment in Real Estate Projects in the Western Hemisphere In time, we crossed into America, where we invested in a considerable number of real estate projects among which are 15 gas; stations, commercial and residential buildings, and land acquisition in Ottawa (1982) and the “Aphrodite: Salon and Spa” in California (2002)

      • From Fathers to Sons

        From Fathers to Sons

        Preserving and Updating the Heritage

        A turning point for our company in 2003 was the passing down of the H.E.C establishment from the two founder brothers, onto their sons Karim and Samer El-Hajjar. With this new change in upper management, the company's orientation changed into technology-oriented developer. We use Cisco for our communication system and call management, ensuring smooth and secure communication. Further, H.E.C’s contract with Oracle, the world’s largest business software company, systematizes H.E.C’s whole scope of business; Oracle JDE, the best global business practice solution is used by the world’s top 500 companies.

      • H.E.C Contracting

        H.E.C Contracting

        Establishment of H.E.C. Contracting

        H.E.C Holding made a landmark stride in 2006: the founding of H.E.C Contracting formerly the contracting arm of the Holding, H.E.C Contracting is now an independent subsidiary established to handle the construction and contracting aspects of all the Holding’s real estate projects in Lebanon and the region as well as the implementation of its contracting agreements. Operating under the umbrella of H.E.C Holding, H.E.C Contracting enjoys the professional knowhow to manage projects from A to Z: from value engineering, excavation, and structure erection to finishing, scheduled site management reports, quality control, cost reporting, safety monitoring, and competitive pricing.

      • An Act from the Heart

        An Act from the Heart

        The Foundation of H.E.C. Heart

        Holding is also a corporation whose heart is in the right place. Its humanitarian initiative, H.E.C Heart, was founded as a natural response to a national disaster in summer 2006. Its mission is to lend a helping hand to needy families, children, and elderly people directly and through supporting charities; to this end, H.E.C Heart makes regular contributions, giving a ray of hope to those who need it most.

      • H.E.C. Going Green

        H.E.C. Going Green

        The Establishment of H.E.C. Green seeks to develop real estate with a green conscience. Through H.E.C Green established in 2007, its environmental initiative, it secures a substantial share for greenery in all its projects, Beyond building Eco-friendly projects, H.E.C is working hard to transform itself into a green company, with the aim of becoming a full-fledged green enterprise. We are starting to implement green business practices and to seek relevant certifications in collaboration with European associations and with the Ministry of Environment.

      • Expansion in the Wood Industry

        Expansion in the Wood Industry

        The Foundation of H.E.C. Wood

        H.E.C Wood was founded in 2008 following H.E.C’s purchase of a distinguished one-floor, 300sqm wood factory in Ghazir, Lebanon. This pre-existing factory had an extensive experience in the field H.E.C Wood, expanded this area to; 750sqm and replaced all its existing machines with brand new Italian imported machinery. It also; added the corporate identity and practices, enabling it to produce the most innovative designs with the highest quality wood.

      • Looking for Excellence

        Looking for Excellence

        H.E.C Trading Start up

        2010 was the year of the establishment of H.E.C Trading, the entrepreneurial development, was stimulated by a desire for excellence. H.E.C Trading provides high quality Italian and German finishing product. Through the coherent and dynamic experimentation of H.E.C Holding H.E.C Trading was established having the developer in mind. As H.E.C main experience has been that of a developer, it has the best know how in regards to types of material needed, customization elements, time requirement and above all pricing

      • A Lifestyle for Everyone

        A Lifestyle for Everyone

        The First Issue of H.E.C. Lifestyle Magazine

        In October of 2010, H.E.C Lifestyle printed its first issue. H.E.C Lifestyle is a high-end magazine distributed to around 2000 readers, looking into building a community within H.E.C Holding’s clients, suppliers, partners and friends. The magazine provides its readers a glimpse into a variety of Lebanese topics, from cultural, health, business, and entertainment. It additionally, provides continuous update of H.E.C Holding various activities. H.E.C Lifestyle readers will definitely broaden their perspective on the Lebanese way of life.

      • Relocation of H.E.C WooD

        Relocation of H.E.C WooD

        In 2011, H.E.C Wood moved its location to a bigger space, expanding to a 1500m2. The move is due to high demand on the B2B level. The expansion took form in a new technical workshop, providing fast delivery at low cost value. In addition, the company created multiple new positions on the level of architecture, manufacturing, quality, sales and marketing, and project management departments Finally, we started using 20-20 Technologies, one of the largest companies in the world offering a single integrated software platform for industry-wide practice – from showroom to factory floor – that is tailored specifically to the interior design business and employed across all environments, desktops and the Web.

      • Another H.E.C. Brilliant Expansion

        Another H.E.C. Brilliant Expansion

        The Establishment of H.E.C. Homes

        Within the beginning of 2012, H.E.C Homes was established, emerging as a pioneer in Prefabricated Homes. The concept is simple, the customer can choose from hundreds of modular houses, and manufactured houses then customize them into a new unit, he can call home. Once the buyer has chosen his or her concept, the H.E.C Homes outsources most — if not all — major construction to factories, where large portions of a house (walls, beams, flooring, etc.) are assembled. The factory ships these prefabricated chunks of house to the build site, where foreign specialized contractors piece them together quickly — often, in a matter of days.

      • Yet another H.E.C. Expansion

        Yet another H.E.C. Expansion

        The Establishment of H.E.C. Aluminum

        At the start of 2013, was the establishment of H.E.C Aluminum. With H.E.C Holding experience in manufacturing the process was easy to apply. H.E.C Aluminum provides extrusion services to companies that demand the highest standards in products incorporated into their assembly lines or developed for their projects. H.E.C Aluminum is committed to providing them with high precision parts that fit seamlessly into their operations. We stand behind the chemical and physical properties of our products 100%, as it follows the Lebanese standards in Aluminum products and guarantee that our superior surface finishes will exceed expectations, on the basis of top of the line German machinery.