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Legacy | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L



Chairman & CEO

Ever since he took over El-Hajjar Enterprises Co. as Chairman in 2003, Karim Simon El-Hajjar has been busy putting theory to practice. “We are building a reputation proven by our actions” – a vision that has sown the seeds for continuity of his founding father’s legacy.
Karim’s life quest started at the age of 15, with the death of his father, where he felt an urging need to broaden his horizons. Thus in 1997, Karim Simon El-Hajjar moved to Montreal, Canada, where he pursued his studies in Business Management at The Concordia University.
In 2001, Karim moved to California where he launched “Aphrodite Inc.”, a retail business offering beauty products and services. While building “Aphrodite Inc”, Karim discovered a passion for building and started educating himself in architecture and construction.
As such he moved back to Lebanon, and since then, has been focusing on the company’s growth by creating alliances with various investors on a per project basis.
Karim always oversees the design and project management of all El-Hajjar Enterprises Company (H.E.C) projects and endeavors, large or small, in order to guarantee premium quality in all buildings.
As for the force behind his integrity, Karim attributes that to his role model, his father, late founder of El-Hajjar Enterprises Company (H.E.C), Simon Karim El-Hajjar. Says Karim: “After 18 years of his passing away, we only hear how great my father was with our workforce, how honest and faithful he was with our clients, and how his face projected an image of peace and sincerity.
My father is my role model - that extra conscience every good man needs in his life to maintain a proper and honest way of life. This is the way of life that gave birth to El-Hajjar Enterprises Company (H.E.C)”.



General Manager & CFO

Samer Hajjar graduated from the American University of Beirut in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance.
His experience in the banking system (Banque Du Liban et D’Outre Mer) and high scores in the Graduate Management Admission Test enabled him to pursue his Masters in Finance in Canada’s highly reputable University, HEC. Montreal.

Anticipating a prolonged housing demand in Lebanon, Samer decided to come back and team up with partner-owner Karim El-Hajjar in the organization of El-Hajjar Enterprises Company (H.E.C), a real estate and development family business. Since his arrival to Beirut, Samer has been in charge of the financial management of the company, while closely monitoring and developing its accounting system.

Partnering with Karim, he managed to rebuild a highly skilled and trustworthy workforce capable of delivering on-schedule quality projects. He has also pinpointed key brokerage firms and established a fast and reliable coordination system with both banking and governmental institutions, facilitating sales and registrations procedures.

As the son of El-Hajjar Enterprises Company (H.E.C) co-founder Samir El-Hajjar, Samer says: “I feel blessed and honored to contribute to the family business. The effort and sacrifices our parents made to ensure its success give me strength and courage to push myself further. I believe El-Hajjar Enterprises Company’s (H.E.C) true contribution is beyond the business aspect - it lies in the very foundations of family values: honesty and dedication.”