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Mission & Vision | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L

Mission & Vision

We at H.E.C pledge to provide our customer, with the best quality to price ratio, products and services, by ensuring customization, full assistance and the best technology the market has to offer" 

H.E.C Holding, through its various subsidiaries has been aiming at applying this mission. Within the first call from our client, automatically a file is open where the H.E.C representative fills in an information sheet, gathering all data from his requirement. An H.E.C representative will then meet with the client to further discuss, and match these requirements. At H.E.C the client has two options in regards to owning a home. First, option, H.E.C Development, since 1959, has been creating "the apartments people call home". From our variety of projects, the client will get to choose the apartment that suits his lifestyle, and regional preference. We are one of the rare companies in Lebanon where the client has the choice of changes in apartment partition, and interior design.

Second option, H.E.C Homes established in 2012, in the spirit of complete customization. This new product set in the prefabricated homes industry provides the client complete control over the structure and style of his future house. In this case, the client will either provide the land, request that we help in finding a land or simply choosing one of H.E.C Lands, after which, he will choose his dream house from hundreds of modular houses in our database.  As an aid, H.E.C Holding provides architectural services either online or in person where the client can view his house in 3D and make live adjustment on it.

Through the broad range of software, used within H.E.C, the client will view his house as if live,  change partitions, and designs, and colors. The aim through, each software, is to ensure that the client has a clear vision of how his new house will be before execution starts. Once the client, has made his purchase at H.E.C, he will have a choice of either choosing  the standard H.E.C Holding finishing product, or upgrading through our broad range of suppliers, and contractors, receiving the H.E.C Holding guarantee of best quality to price ratio. In the case where the client does require amendments, and upgrades, an appointment will be set with our representatives from H.E.C Wood and H.E.C Trading. 

Through H.E.C Wood, the client will be appointed an H.E.C interior architect representative, where all wooden work from doors, windows, ceiling, flooring, kitchen, cabinets, and even furniture will be created representing his personal touch to the house.  Additionally, an appointment will be set with H.E.C Trading representative, where the client will get to select his finishing products to name a few, tiling, sanitary, heating and ventilation systems, extra electrical work, etc.
Furthermore, during the whole execution phase the client will get continuous reports on the evolution of work, and can contact at any time, his designated H.E.C representative regarding any concerns.
Finally, upon completion of work, H.E.C provides its customers with a five years guarantee on all its products, certifying its commitment to its work quality.