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Word from the Chairman | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L

Word from the Chairman

Word from the Chairman
Karim S. El-Hajjar

"Creating The Apartments People Call Home"

Our company success is based on our employees involvements and achievements, as employers we merely set the way and objective, and we owe our success and future existence to our clients they are the ones who made us who we are today.

In 2015, H.E.C focus is all about the client. Even after 56 years of our work we are constantly looking at providing our clients with the best service possible. This year is all about changes in terms of the strategy, the products and employees to achieve this focus.

Joint ventures have been implemented bringing in experts of the contracting business, solving the infamous change requests at the construction site which stem mostly from customizations and government legalities. This lead to a complete subcontractor system of construction and a financial means flow on the construction site. Contractors hold the liability of errors on site, making H.E.C, customer focused.

In the spirit of customer focus, H.E.C understands the hardship of the client in regards to loan follow-up and approval. For some lenders advertise heavily, with jaw-dropping low rates, but they have no one on staff who can deal with challenges to loan approval. If the lenders "loan consultants" are call center employees, the chances of getting a loan approved and funded are slimmer or request too much efforts from the customer.

Therefore, an H.E.C tailored housing loan is in place through Credit Bank. H.E.C promises its clients a fast approval system, financing over 30 years, and interests as low as 0.5%. Most importantly, H.E.C clients will have a one stop service, through H.E.C representatives, H.E.C will be the interface of the Credit Bank, removing client stress of file follow-up.

Additionally, and learning from past mistakes, H.E.C has implemented a new position in its structure, the role of clients representative. This person is responsible for managing the project on behalf of the client. The client's representative duty is to behave as if they are the client. By being the construction-experienced 'eyes and ears' for the Client, we can make each entity accountable for their commitments and contractual responsibilities.