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H.E.C Fitness | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L

H.E.C Fitness

H.E.C Fitness, one of H.E.C Holding's future subsidiary, will be founded towards the end of 2015 to fulfill the H.E.C promise of creating lifestyles for all its clients.

 Providing a one-stop comprehensive fitness facility and service, H.E.C Fitness will be the perfect complement to your H.E.C luxury apartment. For a better way of life and a healthier existence, H.E.C Fitness, will offer a state-of-the-art health club and gym equipped with qualified professional staff for a 5-star service.

 The center will feature cutting-edge fitness equipment, a luxurious spa, and nutrition consultants. Also on offer will be individual training and group courses in dance, mixed martial arts, and other sports, amounting to a fitness environment that constitutes a new way of life.