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H.E.C Heart | EL-HAJJAR Enterprises Co. (H.E.C) S.A.L

H.E.C Heart

The Israeli bombardment of Lebanon in Summer 2006 resulted in tragedy: mass destruction particularly in the Lebanese south and Beirut’s southern suburbs, the displacement of millions, and the death and injury of thousands. Anyone with a heart felt compelled to act in order to relieve the suffering of those who need it most. H.E.C was no exception. It was thus that the H.E.C Heart program was launched: a natural response to a national disaster.

 Within this program, H.E.C sought to lend multi-faceted assistance from the provision of survival kits to the removal of rubble. Escaping the bombing, the majority of internally displaced people sought shelter in public schools in Mount Lebanon and North Lebanon. Most were forced to abandon their homes empty-handed, leaving their belongings behind. In their temporary residence in public schools, crowded families lacked the bare necessities of life: they needed water, food, supplies for babies and children, medications, detergents and clothing. H.E.C sought to help as many people as it could, lending assistance to a hundred families residing in Mount Lebanon schools.

 As soon as the ceasefire went into effect on August 14, people immediately went back to their homes and villages, only to find in ashes and burned to the ground what had taken them a lifetime to build. As a company rooted in community commitment, and like many concerned citizens, H.E.C joined Aid lebanon in its cause at Tyre by providing humanitarian and social relief. H.E.C donated food and medication and helped clean up public roads blocked by rubble. Aidlebanon aims to spread the culture of life and to relieve all those in need, as well as victims of war and atrocities in Lebanon, an aim which intersects with H.E.C’s sense of national duty and humanitarian consciousness.

 In addition to its aid during the war, H.E.C Heart has been helping, on a regular basis, different organizations for orphans, elderly people who have no children to care for them, and families in need of food and nurture. H.E.C hopes that its steps in this regard will constitute an inspiration and an invitation for all corporations and individuals similarly willing to lend a helping hand.