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Wooden furniture for kitchen tables and bedroom accessories and beds

Interior design

Operating under the umbrella of H.E.C Holding, H.E.C Wood added value is the corporate identity and practices. Mixed with Italian-made and German-made machinery as well as artisans specialized in particular areas from wood carving to desk and furniture, enables it to produce the most innovative designs with the highest quality wood.

H.E.C Wood works with all types of fine woods, from walnut and pine to cedar, cherry, oak, olive, mahogany, and many more.

H.E.C Wood buys choices woods from suppliers to create custom products that enhance residential and working spaces. Additionally, H.E.C Wood imports its own line of products from Italy to assort a higher quality choice. H.E.C Wood implements client concepts, or its in-house interior designer creates a concept to meet client's needs incorporating other materials such as steel, aluminum, drapes and glass as needed. H.E.C Wood provides turnkey solutions providing complete interior design services from drawing to application
Our range spans the spectrum of items from bedrooms, dining and living room furniture to kitchen and bathroom installations, molding windows and doors application, to ceilings, walls and floor fittings.

H.E.C Wood only undertakes high-end projects, but that does not mean our prices are high-end, says El-Hajjar, " as in the properties we develop, our focus remains on quality. We build products that last across generations, and this particularly applies to our furniture, which features top-of-the-line materials. Each finished product is stamped with the H.E.C  Logo, a trademark or quality and reminder that when H.E.C promises, it delivers".